Public Housing

Established in 1968, the first Leesville Housing Authority Development was built in 1970. A family complex with 100 units and an elderly complex with 50 units. In 1986, two additional sites were developed with one being a family complex and the other being dedicated for use by the elderly or handicapped.

Leesville Housing Authority now has a total of 193 units located at four scattered sites within the City of Leesville. The larger site, Westside Village, contains 99 units and is where the office is located.

Curfew Policy

Effective June 14, 1995, the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Leesville adopted a curfew for all persons 17 and under. Three violations of this policy constitutes violation of the lease. Three violations of your lease or any other infraction of rules and regulations may constitute termination of your lease.

Curfew has been adopted as follows:

Sunday thru Thursday, 10 pm - 5 am
Friday thru Saturday, 11 pm - 5 am

The only exception to this policy is if the youth is with a parent and/or legal guardian or is attending a school or church activity.

Apply for Department of Social Service Benefits

The Housing Authority of the City of Leesville can now assist applicants and residents with applying with benefits with the Louisiana Department of Social Services via online applications. Housing Authority Staff members can assist with applications for Disaster Food Stamp Program, Food Stamps, Childcare Assistance, and Families Independence Temporary Assistance Program or the Kinship Care Subsidy Program.  The website to access online applications can be found at

Ceiling Rents/Maximum Rents

The Leesville Housing Authority has established ceiling rents/maximum rents for each unit according to bedroom sizes. Ceiling rents provide a cap on the amount of rent a family can be charged. In accordance with HUD regulations as outlined in the 2014 Appropriations Act, requires Housing Authorities to establish flat rents at no less than 80% of the stated Fair Market rents on new public housing lease ups effective June 1, 2014

Therefore, all new tenants moving in after June 1, 2014 the rental amount will be the lesser of 30% of adjusted monthly income or 80% of the stated Fair Market Rent established by HUD for Leesville, Louisiana.

The following table shows ceiling rents by unit bedrooms.










Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

213 Blackburn Avenue
Leesville, LA 71446
Phone:  (337) 238-1912
Fax:  (337) 392-0123
TDD:  (337) 239-0940

Housing Information for Disabled Persons