History of the Leesville Housing Authority

Established in 1968, the first Leesville Housing Authority Development was built in 1970. A family complex with 100 units and an elderly complex with 50 units. In 1986, two additional sites were developed with one being a family complex and the other being dedicated for use by the elderly or handicapped.

Leesville Housing Authority now has a total of 193 units located at four scattered sites within the City of Leesville. The larger site, Westside Village, contains 99 units and is where the office is located.

We offer a Housing Choice Voucher Program in addition to our Low Rent Housing Program. This program expands the opportunities for rental assistance to low income families by utilizing existing housing units that are privately owned.


Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity

213 Blackburn Avenue
Leesville, LA 71446
Phone:  (337) 238-1912
Fax:  (337) 392-0123
TDD:  (337) 239-0940

Housing Information for Disabled Persons